Complete your happy family with an adorable & healthy Pomsky pup!

Our Pomsky puppies are bred, tested, and raised according to the highest standards in dog breeding. When you find your Pomsky here, you’ll never doubt that your furry family member will be happy, healthy, and will delight your family for years to come. Feel great about your Pomsky adoption experience!

A complete and happy family for years to come.

There’s nothing more wonderful than having a happy dog in your home. Because of their size and temperament, Pomskies are a perfect breed for families in the city, country, or pretty much anywhere. Our years of experience raising and training dogs and our rigorous health testing standards ensure that each of our Pomsky puppies are happy, socialized, and will be free from genetic defects. If you’re going to adopt a Pomsky (which you should!) you should also ensure that they’re going to be a happy and healthy member of your family for years to come!

C’mon…look at those eyes! You can’t say no to that!

Benefits of Owning A Pomsky


Pomskies temperaments are happy, playful, and sweet, making them great with kids and other dogs and animals.


Because of the Pomeranian in their genetics, Pomskies range from under 12 lbs to 30 lbs, and rarely grow bigger than that. This makes the perfect for even the smallest flats, apartments, or townhouses, but they also love to live on sprawling country properties as well!

✓ Energy

Don’t let their size fool you. Because of the Husky in their genetics, Pomskies make great adventure partners on hikes, runs, and general outings without some of the difficulties inherent in a larger dog.

✓ Fluffy and Adorable

I mean, pretty self explanatory, right? But seriously – their fur is so, so soft!

Our Newest Pomsky Pack Members

shy dog training


Hi there! I’m Capri, a girl, and I’m always happy! I’ve never met a stranger – everyone is my friend! I loves to play, and I do very well with kids, cats and other dogs. My absolute favorite thing is cuddling!

k9 training


Hi there! I’m Cheerio. I’m outgoing, adventurous, and I love kids the most! I do very well with large and small dogs as well as cats. My favorite activity is hiking!

training a scared dog

Otter Pop

Hi there! I’m Otter Pop. I’m the smallest of our girls, but the way I act I wouldn’t know! I get along great with dogs small and large, and I love cats and people. I get along with everyone! My  favorite activities are stalking bugs in the yard (rawr!) and playing with my dog friends.

Why Buy From Periwinkle Pomskies?

Poor Breeding Ethics Means Suffering For Dogs

Many people impulse buy their Pomskies. But poor breeding ethics can have serious implications for both the dog and family. Backyard and inexperienced breeders often have poor living conditions and their breeding methods lead to long-term health defects in their pups. Mothers are bred again and again and never retired. Dogs are treated like commodities rather than living beings and future members of your family. All this leads to pain for the dogs and for families when they have to see their fuzzy family member suffer for the breeder’s sins.

We Stand for A Better Way To Breed

Imagine your conscience smiling because you know that you’re buying from a breeder who cares about the well-being of the dogs they breed. Imagine taking home that puppy to your apartment, house, or kids and knowing that the smiles won’t soon turn to frowns. Imagine feeling great in every way about your Pomsky purchase experience. This experience is possible when you buy from a quality breeder, and we love creating it for families who will continue our legacy of caring thoroughly for our pups!

Our Specialty

Pomsky breeding at the highest possible standards.

The most rigorous health testing and best care possible is used by quality “preservation” breeders of purebreds. At Periwinkle Pomskies, that’s the kind of care we give to our pups. We believe that the well being of the dogs is paramount in the breeding experience, so we use the best standards of care with the litters that we breed and their moms and studs. We also have high standards for the families we adopt them to, and we love the experience of finding loving homes for the puppies that we raise. We’re accredited by both the American Pomsky Kennel Club and are Good Dog Breeder Certified. If you want a great experience with your Pomsky family member now and for years to come, we’d love for you to…

Our Ethical Pomsky Breeding Practices

Health Testing

Each of our puppies is tested according to Embark and the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals to avoid standard breed-specific genetic health issues for both Huskies and Pomeranians before we adopt them out.

Social and Filial Atmosphere

We’re not a big breeding conglomerate – we’re a small dog training and Pomsky breeding company. All our mothers and their pups are treated like our family & allowed to run around the house and property, socialize with other dogs, and otherwise enjoy a happy life before they come to you. We also follow the Puppy Culture program to ensure our pups are socialized and introduced to different stimuli throughout their early development. This process develops friendly, confident, and emotionally healthy pups!

Mother Care

We breed our mothers according to industry best practices until 6 years old until they’re retired and spayed. If a mother has a difficult litter, we either skip a litter or she isn’t bred again, period, and she gets to just enjoy her life.

Long-Term Support

We’re not a one-night stand, we’re with you for the lifetime of your pup. We’re happy to support you with advice, encouragement, and training if and when you decide that’s something that you need – Pro tip: It definitely is!

Our Accreditations

Where We Train

We’re Pacific Northwest proud, based just outside Seattle, Washington. However, we look for happy, stable homes for our pups pretty much anywhere in the USA, so never hesitate to meet our pack!

We can ship anywhere in the USA, or if you’re a little out of our immediate area, this kind of adoption experience might be worth a drive!

(Did we mention how gorgeous the mountains are up here?)

Purchase With A Conscience Today!

When you purchase your Pomsky from us, you’ll know that you’re working with a breeder that makes the dogs’ experience top priority and will support you as you raise your pup. We guarantee that your fluffy family member will be free of genetic defects and, as much as any breeder can guarantee, healthy for years to come. But remember, your perfect Pomsky might be here today and gone tonight, so don’t wait to…

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you train my Pomsky for me?

Training is not included in the purchase of a Pomsky. However, we are a practicing dog training business with countless dogs we train every month. You can learn more about our training business here, and we’d be happy to train your little family member to make your and their experience even better when they come home to live with you!

Are Pomskies good with kids and other animals?

Yes! Obviously there’s always some variability inside a breed, but generally Pomskies make great family dogs and play nicely with other animals. However, like any puppy they need to learn appropriate play skills, so an adult should always be present while the puppy is playing with a child or other animal!

Do Pomskies shed?

Yes! Standard-coated Pomskies do shed and will blow their coats every year similar to a full sized husky. Outside of yearly shedding, however, they are not profuse shedders, but they do need regular brushing. Plush and wooly coated Pomskies tend to shed less but need more frequent brushing to prevent matted hair. They are also not a hypoallergenic breed.

Are Pomskies friendly?

Very! We have a strong focus on temperament in our breeding program, and our pups tend to be bold, outgoing, and fun loving. They’re also socialized as puppies with dogs, cats, and people, making them even more friendly and eager to engage.

Are Pomskies a healthy breed?

The health of a dog depends on the particular dogs being bred. Health conditions that affect both Huskies and Pomeranians can affect Pomskies. However, we do all health testing recommended for both breeds to ensure that our parent Pomskies are free from any genetic issues that could be passed on to our babies. We never want to pass on harmful traits to the next generation.

How long will a pomsky live?

Small dogs tend to live longer than larger dogs. Standard sized Pomskies (20-30 lbs) live 12-14 years while mini and toy Pomskies can live even longer.

What breeds make up a Pomsky?

Some lines of Pomsky include American Eskimo or other Spitz breeds. As members of the American Pomsky Kennel Club, and since we’re working towards AKC recognition, we only allow Husky and Pomeranian lines to be included in our Pomskies.

What behavioral issues are seen with Pomskies?

Husky mixes and Pomskies tend to be free spirits. Extensive training is necessary if you wish to have your Pomsky off-leash safely. They love to explore and some can have a strong prey drive, causing them to chase wildlife. A proper introduction to crate training is important for avoiding separation issues and noise. Resource guarding with food is common in the breed. However, this can be remedied with good training. When you purchase one of our pups, we’re here to support you throughout the training process. If you ever run into problems, never hesitate to ask for help!

Are Pomskies cuddly?

Very! They tend to be “velcro dogs” and love contact with their humans. They love going along with their families on outings as well as snuggles on the couch.

Do Pomskies bark a lot?

Sometimes! Whether your Pomsky barks will come down to, first, genetics and, second, training. Whether or not a dog wants to bark is largely up to their genetics, and whether they do actually bark is up to training. Huskies are very vocal, so depending on how much husky they get in them, they can be disposed to bark. However, socialization and training are both factors in preventing nuisance barking too. Socializing your dog and good training are essential to good behaviors across the board!

Can I breed my Pomsky?

We’re very selective with who we allow to breed our dogs. The health and safety of our dogs is our biggest priority. In order to be approved for breeding you must work with a veterinarian and have a breed mentor. All breeder-recommended health testing must also be completed before breeding. Ultimately, whether you can breed can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.