Complete Your Happy Family with an Adorable & Healthy Pomsky Pup!

Our Pomsky puppies are bred, temperament tested, and raised according to the highest standards in dog breeding. We take pride in our small, in home breeding operation and we strive to produce healthy pups with exceptional temperaments that will be a joy to live with. Feel great about your Pomsky adoption experience!

A Complete and Happy Family for Years to Come.

There’s nothing more wonderful than having a happy dog in your home. Because of their size and temperament, Pomskies do well in the city, country, or pretty much anywhere as long as they are exercised. Pomskies love to snuggle up and be couch potatoes but they do require walks and are very social by nature and will need outlets for play. Our parent dogs are health tested through Embark and OFA. Our babies are raised with Puppy Culture and socialized with kids and other animals prior to greeting their new families.

Benefits of Owning A Pomsky


Pomskies temperaments are happy, playful, and sweet, making them great with kids and other dogs and animals. They typically do very well with cats. They are extremely family oriented and love to be with their people, whether it’s tagging along on adventures or curling up on the couch for a snooze.


Pomskies range in size from 4-30 plus pounds. They come in 3 sizes: Standard (20-35 lbs.), Mini (12-20 lbs.), and Toy (up to 15 lbs.). Even the smallest of our Pomskies have maintained their robust husky nature and do well living with larger dogs and going on hiking and camping trips. The Pomsky is sturdy enough to play with children while being an easily manageable size.

✓ Energy

Pomskies are very in tune with their owners as long as you’ve done your homework to properly train and bond with them. They easily “read the room” and match your energy. They are active enough for a jogging buddy, will never opt out of an outing, and love to relax when the day is done. Pomskies are not a sedentary breed. They can make excellent apartment dogs, but will require walks and time spent with them every day. They do not do well as isolated outdoor dogs and will quickly become bored and develop unwanted behaviors.

✓ Fluffy and Adorable

Just like their sizes, Pomskies come in several coat types as well. The shorter typical husky coat is called Standard Coat, a whispier coat with fluffy ears and tail is called a Plush Coat, and the very thick fluffy coats with long hair throughout are called Wooly Coats. All coat types will shed, and Woolies need regular brushing and often times sanitary grooming to stay well maintained.

Available Puppies

Glacier Pomsky For Sale


Wooly coated blue eyed girl. Glacier is a big snuggler and always wants to run up to you for kisses. Sweet girl is estimated to be 20 lbs at maturity.


Saint Pomsky Puppy For Sale


Saint is a beautiful lavender girl with stunning green eyes. This little lady is packed with personality. She loves to explore and is very social. Saint is great with kids and has a laid back temperament.


Rainier Pomsky Pup For Sale


Rainier is a wooly coated brown eyed little girl who loves to give kisses. She was born 1/31 will be ready to start her new adventure on 3/27. Rainier is currently charting to be 20 lbs.


Adult weight is based on our experience and best approximation. We cannot guarantee size.

Baker Pomsky For Sale


Gorgeous wooly boy. He has two bright blue eyes and a lavender coat. The lavender color in Pomskies comes from a dilute gene that both parents must carry in order to produce a lavender puppy. Without the dilute gene his coat color would be chocolate and white instead of lavender and white. Baker is estimated to grow to be 20 lbs. at maturity. 


Adams Pomsky Puppy For Sale


Adams is a beautiful white and lavender splash boy. He has gorgeous blue eyes and a cute spotted coat pattern. Splash coats are all unique with no two marked exactly the same! His estimated adult size is 20 lbs. Ready for his family 3/27.


Why Buy From Periwinkle Pomskies?

Home Raised Babies Discerningly Bred and Brought Up with Love

As a small breeder we only produce a handful of litters per year. Our babies are our family and are treated as such from day one. They are born in our home and grow up in the house. They are carried around, fussed over and get to be a part of day to day life with us. We follow Puppy Culture and expose our pups to sounds, different surfaces, kids, dogs, and lots of enrichment before they head home to you. Early socialization sets the stage for a well adjusted pup that easily adapts to new situations and novel stimuli.

Health Testing Matters

Understanding health testing helps puppy buyers make informed choices. Navigating purchasing a puppy can be extremely daunting, unless you’re a dog professional it’s often difficult to be sure exactly what you’re looking at in regards to what a parent dog of a particular breed should be tested for. Here’s the breakdown: The Pomsky is a hybrid between the Siberian Husky and Pomeranian (a third breed is often acceptable depending on the registry), and is potentially affected by any ailment common in either breed. 

The Siberian Husky Club of America recommends the following health testing for Huskies: DNA testing, OFA eye or CAER, and OFA hips

The American Pomeranian Club recommends the following health testing for Pomeranians: OFA eye or CAER, OFA cardiac, OFA patellar luxation, OFA hips

Complete health testing for a Pomsky prior to breeding should include all of these tests. It is very common in Pomskies to see DNA testing through Embark being called complete health testing. Ask the breeder specifically which health tests parent dogs have had and follow up by searching for the tests in the OFA database!

Our Specialty

Producing Quality Pups that Make Joyful Family Members

Adding a new puppy to your pack is a big decision! Do your research and consider the pup’s temperament and your lifestyle in addition to size and color. When picturing the ideal dog the first thing that usually comes to mind is looks, but sometimes the puppy that looks like what you want is the most active, and you have a laid back lifestyle. Or your ideal looking pup is the sleepiest slowest puppy, but you want to backpack and trail run.

That’s where talking to your breeder comes in! Let us know your goals and we’ll help guide you towards the best match. We are with these babies every day from the moment they’re born and we know them. We love to chat Pomskies so if you’re not sure if this is the breed for you but think they’re adorable, we are always happy to talk about the ins and outs of daily life with a Pomsky!

Our Ethical Pomsky Breeding Practices

Health Testing

Parents are health tested through Embark and OFA for Husky and Pomeranian recommended clearances prior to breeding.

Family Atmosphere

We’re not a big breeding kennel – we’re a small in home breeder of dogs that we enjoy as family. All our mothers and their pups run around our house and property, socialize with other dogs, and otherwise enjoy a happy life before they come to you. We also follow the Puppy Culture program to ensure our pups are socialized and introduced to different stimuli throughout their early development. This process develops friendly, confident, and emotionally healthy pups!

Health Guarantee

All of our babies see the vet for a routine health check before going home. They will come to you dewormed, microchipped, with their first set of vaccinations on board, and with a goodie bag of toys and treats. We guarantee that you will take home a healthy baby. If you live out of state, no problem, we partner with a flight nanny service or can meet you at Seatac with your pup!

Long-Term Support

We are always here to help! If you have questions about training, toys, socializing, brushing, or anything Pomsky, ask any time! We are invested and attached to our babies and want to be a part of their journey. Send pictures and updates as much as you can, and if at any point you are unable to keep a baby that came from us, we will welcome them back home no questions asked.

Where We Train

We’re Pacific Northwest proud, based just outside Seattle, Washington. However, we look for happy, stable homes for our pups pretty much anywhere in the USA, so never hesitate to meet our pack!

We can ship anywhere in the USA, or if you’re a little out of our immediate area, this kind of adoption experience might be worth a drive!

(Did we mention how gorgeous the mountains are up here?)

Bring Home Your New Best Friend

When you purchase your Pomsky from us, you’ll know that you’re working with a breeder that makes the dogs’ experience top priority and will support you as you raise your pup. We are here to help every step of the way and for the life of your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you train my Pomsky for me?

We will start your pup on crate and potty taining. Getting acclimated to a crate before going home helps puppies feel cozy and safe their first few days in a new place. The crate gives your puppy a stress free place to rest while they take in their new surroundings and we strongly recommend that you purchase one before taking home your new pup. We do offer obedience training down the road if you’re local.

Are Pomskies good with kids and other animals?

Yes! Obviously there’s always some variability inside a breed, but generally Pomskies make great family dogs and play nicely with other animals. However, like any puppy they need to learn appropriate play skills, so an adult should always be present while the puppy is playing with a child or other animal! Most Pomskies naturally play very well with cats.

Do Pomskies shed?

Yes! Shedding is different with different coat types but all Pomskies do shed. Standard-coated and Plush-coated Pomskies blow their coats every year similar to a full sized husky. Outside of yearly shedding, however, they are not profuse shedders, but they do need regular brushing. Wooly coated Pomskies tend to shed less as far as the hair that falls off of them, but they’re still shedding that hair just gets caught in their long coats, so brushing is necessary to prevent matting. Wooly Pomskies will also need sanitary grooming to keep their potty areas clear of debris.

Are Pomskies friendly?

Very! We have a strong focus on temperament in our breeding program, and our pups tend to be bold, outgoing, and fun loving. They’re also socialized as puppies with dogs, cats, and people, making them even more friendly and eager to engage.

Are Pomskies a healthy breed?

The health of a dog depends on the particular dogs being bred. Health conditions that affect both Huskies and Pomeranians can affect Pomskies. However, we do all health testing recommended for both breeds to ensure that our parent Pomskies are free from any genetic issues that could be passed on to our babies. We never want to pass on harmful traits to the next generation. Smaller Pomkies will need more frequent dental care than a larger dog, as with any small breed.

How long will a pomsky live?

Small dogs tend to live longer than larger dogs. Standard sized Pomskies (20-30 lbs) on average live 12-14 years while mini and toy Pomskies can live even longer.

What breeds make up a Pomsky?

Some lines of Pomsky include American Eskimo or other Spitz breeds. Our Pomskies contain only Husky and Pomeranian but other breeds are acceptable and in order to gain AKC recognition (which is a big goal!), at least three breeds must be incorporated into the Pomsky mix.

What behavioral issues are seen with Pomskies?

Husky mixes and Pomskies tend to be free spirits. Training is necessary if you wish to have your Pomsky off-leash safely. They love to explore and some can have a strong prey drive, causing them to chase wildlife. A proper introduction to crate training is important for avoiding separation issues and noise. Resource guarding with food or toys is common in the breed. However, this can be remedied with good training. When you purchase one of our pups, we’re here to support you throughout the training process. If you ever run into problems, never hesitate to ask for help! Pomskies train very easily and behavioral issues can be avoided when they are raised with structure.

Are Pomskies cuddly?

Very! They tend to be “velcro dogs” and love contact with their humans. They love going along with their families on outings as well as snuggles on the couch.

Do Pomskies bark a lot?

Whether your Pomsky barks will come down to, first, genetics and, second, training. Whether or not a dog wants to bark is largely up to their genetics, and whether they do actually bark is up to training. Pomskies do not tend to bark at every sound just for the fun of it but will alert bark if something looks out of place. Socialization and training are both factors in preventing nuisance barking. Some Pomskies do enjoy a good sing-along and will howl with you or “talk” like huskies.

Can I breed my Pomsky?

We’re very selective with who we allow to breed our dogs. The health and safety of our dogs is our biggest priority. In order to be approved for breeding you must work with a veterinarian and have a breed mentor. All breeder-recommended health testing must also be completed before breeding. Ultimately, whether you can breed can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.