The cutest and healthiest pack of Pomskies this side of the Rockys and beyond!

Meet our gang! I am happy to talk about details of each dog so please don’t hesitate to ask questions! Puppy temperaments are likely to be similar to their parents so please keep this in mind when selecting a match.

Moms & Studs


Birthday: 2/11/2023

Weight and Coat: 8 lbs, Wooly coat

Bio: Small and oh so happy! Sangi is the perfect little pocket Pomsky! He loves absolutely everyone and everything, has never had a bad day. He looooves car rides and has no problem keeping up with the big dogs on a long hike or just kicking it with a chew toy on the couch. He’s packed with fluff, a perfect husky mask, and mesmerizing blue eyes. His favorite hobbies include making new friends and giving tons of kisses.


Birthday: 1/13/2021

Weight and Coat: 20 lbs, Wooly coat

Bio: Klondike is always down for anything, he loves to tag along in the car and just wants to be with you. He consistently reproduces himself in his pups in terms of friendly, outgoing and affectionate personalities. He is extremely easy to train and loves the interaction and quality time with his person. He is very fluffy and gets lots of pets and attention everywhere he goes. Klondike has been health tested through Embark and OFA. Stud services available.

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Birthday: 12/18/2020

Weight and Coat: 23 lbs, standard coat

Bio: Affectionately known as Peeps, Capri is the official best girl. She’s a steady friend and loves to snuggle up. She loves her people and is more aloof with new folks than the crazy outgoing type. She loves the outdoors and a good long walk with lots of sniffs. She is a loving mommy and has to be convinced that she does not need to “adopt” every single puppy she sees.

Health tested through Embark and OFA


Birthday: 10/4/2022

Weight and Coat: 16 lbs, Plush coat

Bio: The cutest little Razzberry! Razzie is definitely the class clown of the squad. She’s goofy happy and loves to run alongside me and bounce as I walk around for chores. She jumps up to pull twigs off the trees, is always smiling, and always does something adorable to get a laugh. She is a five star snuggler and loves to be the little spoon. Her blue color and striking blue eyes give her a wolfy look that makes her look very majestic in pictures, but if you know her she is very silly.

Health tested through Embark and OFA

Otter Pop

Birthday: 7/24/2021

Weight and Coat: 8 lbs, Wooly coat

Bio: Otter is the boss. Small but mighty, she goes everywhere like she owns the place. She has no idea that she’s tiny and will easily hike for miles complete with swimming. She loves to paddle board and go along in the car. Her typical spot in the house is perched on top of the couch cushions like a kitty.

Health tested through Embark and OFA

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